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NEK Fall Foliage report 18 Sept 09

route 5 from 89 to Derby Line

by Jeff "Foliage" Folger

Red Barn on rt 5 in Barnett VT
Credit: Jeff Folger

This nice round red barn is just north of Joe's' brook road on the top of page 42 in the gazetteer. The maple is just turning so if you are up here around the 25th of Sept it should be good...

Lake Willoughby VT
Credit: Jeff Folger

just a hint on the hillside

Look back at Lake Willoughby
Credit: Jeff Folger

A look back from the northern end with dramatic clouds. No color to speak of but it makes a nice pic.

Cow Palace
Credit: Jeff Folger

dinner and more... Great elk sirloin.

Majestic Elk against fall sky
Credit: Jeff Folger

one of the herd near the fence

room on Elm Street manor
Credit: Jeff Folger

More pictures are available but the whole place looked nice..

Greetings Leaf Peepers

Today kicks off my leaf peeping northern tours to see what the state of the leaves are. I'm definitely early but there are signs all along 93 north to 89 and then up route 5 north from White River Junction.

On 89 at Georges mills (between exit 12 & 13) (great rest stop there! With a fantastic view of the hills across the highway). They also have picnic tables to sit and relax and enjoy the view. The hills are showing the promise of great color to come with the green fading and the yellows and oranges starting to show through. By the 25th (with good weather!) we should be seeing really good color!

At mile marker 48 there are some wonderful red swamp maples surrounding a low field on the west side of the highway.. Worth seeing now. Will be gone in a 2-4 days but the rest of the hills will be about ready by then to pick up where they leave off.

If you drive up route 5 the portion from route 91 for about 10-15 miles is being worked on and may have backed up traffic during rush hour and weekends. Should stay on 91 for 1 or 2 exits then jump off to 5.

On 5 north of Thetford is a horse farm (Merry meadow farm) with a wonderful fences and some nice maples... If they turn as nice as I think, it will make a great shot next week. Sorry I didn't stop...

We were in the Barnett area just north of Joe's brook rd (page 42 of the VT Gazetteer) We found a great round red barn (seen at right) There is a tree just turning next to it and if you get up here at peak it will make a great shot... Mine is ok but the time of day (later) will make it a better shot.

We took 5A and took a trip by Lake Willoughby. It's still early there but it is going to look nice this next week or two. (see at right)

We stopped for dinner at the Cow Palace in Derby Center (seen at right) the antlers are almost all elk a few moose mixed in. I was wondering where they got them but then noticed at the end of the parking lot a fenced off field with 20+ elk in it (seen at right)

From there we drive a couple miles more and checked into the Elm street Manor B&B. This is a wonderful B&B and everything is well laid out. It's an old Victorian with beautiful furnishings but in a relaxing atmosphere? Perfect for me. With peak arriving in about 5-7 days you could do a lot worse than call up for a nights stay. $99-$120 base price. (seen at right)

There are other ways to stay up on the fall foliage and activities in these parts. You can listen to 980 WCAP talk radio on Thursday mornings at 11:10AM EST on your AM dial. I'll be talking with the hosts about the upcoming fall foliage season. If you don't live in the area, you can listen on their website www.980wcap.com and catch it streaming on your computer.

Yankee's Foliage Fan page on Facebook and Yankee on Twitter.

Autumn is here (on the 22nd anyways) and I hope to hear from you throughout the rest of the fall, if you have any questions please feel free to ask them here on the Yankee's Foliage Fan page on Facebook and I and the other folks will do their best to answer them.

Please Note: This article was accurate at the time of publication. When planning a trip, please confirm details by directly contacting any company or establishment you intend to visit.

Reader Comments

Comment from tal weisman on September 22, 2009

hello I would like to know when is the best time to see the peak in the White Mountains (NH) and the green mountains (VT). What dates are better, 10/1-10/7 or 10/6-10/12? We don't want to be too early or too late (and then see "naked" trees a...s an outcome of strong winds). Thank you so much and please answer as quickly as possible if you may.

Comment from Jeff Folger on September 23, 2009

Hi Tal it's always tough because it could go either way but I think you will be slightly better with the 10/6 -10/12 dates. You can always travel north or south as needed depending on your hotel location.If you pick a place like Bethlehem or Bretton woods you'll be right in the middle and if color runs early you head south to the lakes region... But unless all the leaves fall from the trees you won't miss it..

Best Jeff Foliage

Comment from Donna Frost on September 24, 2009

Are you sure Jeff? Color is coming along quickly in the Concord NH area and the mountains are an hour north.I'd vote for 10/1-10/7.

Comment from Jeff Folger on October 5, 2009

Well today is the 5th and it's still not peak in the Concord area but it is peak in the white mountains. Today the Kanc is still at peak but it will be fading in a few days and around Mt Washington the color is great. The color should be moving through the southern white mtns towards the Lakes region. It should be good for their stay all through this area during this week.

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