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6 Oct Fall Foliage report : Road report for Concord NH

Foliage builds further south

by Jeff "Foliage" Folger

Sutton Meeting house
Credit: Jeff Folger

The Sutton meeting house early in the morning.

Small store in Sutton
Credit: Jeff Folger

Small store in Sutton

Church along the road
Credit: Jeff Folger

Church along the road outside Sutton

Creek bed in color
Credit: Jeff Folger

Creek bed in color

Sugar Shack on 114
Credit: Jeff Folger

A sugar shack with his load of wood for the spring already laid in.

Greetings leaf Peepers


Traffic warning!

For all those leaf peepers who will be traveling north on Friday afternoon on their way into the White Mountains! Around exit 15 in Concord it is down to 1 (read that as ONE LANE!!) This was Tuesday (6th) at 1PM with no real traffic to speak of it was backed up several miles. Now you add in the Columbus Day weekend traffic (A paltry 100,000+ more cars heading north on Friday afternoon!) I'm betting it will be backed up to the MA border if not further and may (worst case scenario) affect route 128/95 where you get on 93 north?

Peak report:
Oct 6th (Tuesday) I probably found a little peak near and around Enfield NH. It was very colorful on the drive up there and I think these rural routes will be enjoyed for the next week or so and during this coming up (very) busy weekend (a good alternative to the White Mtns). I started late in the morning (late for me means 6AM) and headed up I-93 to I-89 but I got off on route 202 and drove to the Bradford exit. I traveled up 114 with my first stop in Sutton NH. Just off the main road is the Sutton Meeting house surrounded by yellow/gold trees.

I continued up 114 and stopped at a General store and got my morning coffee and muffin and while making my coffee up I talked to an old gentleman doing the same and he said he thought the trees were much more dense this year and in his opinion it should me much better than past years.

I took 11 east off 114 and the road is a beautiful road and very colorful but only 50% color so far. I got off 11 and chose 4A (for whatever reason over 4) which I followed all the way to Enfield. I stopped along the road and took my tripod down into a small creek and shot some slow shots (blurring the water) but the light was uneven and some sections were over exposed while the shadows were under exposed. (photo tip) If you're going to try this try to shoot on an over case day so the light is more even. A bit further along I found a sugar shack on the right side of the road and the color was spectacular around the shack. The farmer had already laid in his supply of wood for next years sugaring which could be seen on the end of the building.

Continue following my trip on Thursday!

Please Note: This article was accurate at the time of publication. When planning a trip, please confirm details by directly contacting any company or establishment you intend to visit.

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