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Fall Foliage report 26 Sept

No peak but very nice color found!

by Jeff "Foliage" Folger

Waterville Valley NH 25 Sept 09
Credit: Jeff Folger

The sun was coming under the clouds and spotlighting the far hills.

View from rest stop Moore Reservoir
Credit: Jeff Folger

This could be in a few days a real pretty spot to sit and look at this body of water. It's also listed as the 4th largest lake in NH.

Lakeside Cemetery rd ends at Reservoir
Credit: Jeff Folger

Color and subjects are where your creativity finds them.

Moore Reservoir
Credit: Jeff Folger

Sun spotlighting the far bank of Moore Reservoir

Where is my apple?
Credit: Jeff Folger

A stop along Shadow Lake rd

Peacham Church
Credit: Jeff Folger

a quick shot of the Peacham Church in Peacham VT.

Greetings Fall Foliage Peepers

I was up early Friday morning and on the road. I drove up to Waterville valley that the leaf spotters for NH said ("was fantastic color!") and I found that it was very nice color and all the hillsides were covered in colored trees but it's not peak yet. The other issue is while this place is pretty, it's also sterile. It's a planned community and doesn't have the New England character the we love to find. Then I drove up through Franconia Notch and while cloudy, the color is definitely ready to go peak in the next few days... I stopped at the Moore Reservoir which is just off route 93 before you get into Vermont. I stopped at the rest stop (my first time at this one) and signed their visitors log. Make sure if you can to stop in and say hi. These places in NH and VT are on the chopping block for funds so if we enjoy having them there then we need to let the states know that we use them and need to have them there to give a break on the road and all their tons of information.

I know you want lots of details and I will get them to you but I'm going to lightly cover much of it so that I can tell you where I found good color. (details and pictures to follow) I left the rest stop and jumped on route 18 and took two roads that I received from the official at the rest stop. First was Lakeside Cemetery road and then Shadow lake rd. which led me to several others. Remember what I said? Take the smaller farm roads to really find great scenes. 9see pics at right)

Then I traveled over to 93 to VT and got off at exit 1 (route 2 towards St. Johnsbury) and stopped at the "Farmer's Daughter Gift Barn" I pass many general stores just because I don't need a cup of coffee or it's not time for lunch. This is was one of those places you just have to stop at. (nuff said)

Then I jumped on route 5 and headed north from St. Johnsbury and the color was good to near peak in a few small areas. Those small areas though were short lived and I think need some real cool temps to make the colors brighter. I basically followed 5 up to 5A past Lake Willoughby (not peak yet) but later this week should be (crossed fingers). I came back down 16 to route 5 on the far side of Crystal Lake (also pretty but not peak).

I drove down to Peacham and stopped at the Peacham Store and Karen thinks Friday night's frost will really bring on the colors this week. I had a sandwich and took a few more pictures and got back on the road south. I was in my go home mode at this point but I did divert onto route 302 to go over 117 to Sugar Hill. The afternoon light was fading but it's still early in Sugar Hill so I'm thinking that with a few nights of frost is will peak this week?

That is it for today, Enjoy!


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Reader Comments

Comment from Darcy Norton on September 27, 2009

Hello Jeff,

Saw the article on your photos on Sept/Oct Yankee magazine - Glad you are still taking pictures!


Comment from Jeff Folger on September 30, 2009

Hi Darcy I'm glad my old boss remembers me... I hope all things are well with you.

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