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One of my favorite fall foliage scenic routes

Sugar Hill NH as a destination

by Jeff "Foliage" Folger

Credit: Jeff Folger

This is an early morning shot on an Oct morning. For 30 minutes the winds was still allowing the reflection.

Credit: Jeff Folger

A late afternoon shot of the same pond.

Credit: Jeff Folger

Barns on Easton Rd. looking towards Bronson Hill.

Credit: Jeff Folger

They were kind enough to leave their old truck for us to photograph... :-)

Credit: Jeff Folger

A shot up Toad Hill road or Lafayette road.

Credit: Jeff Folger

The sign you will see if you followed my directions so far. Some of the destinations aren't there any more but it's a neat sign.

Credit: Jeff Folger

This one is a secret if you go and follow this route you should find this one all on your own.. If you really want to know where it is or you don't find it, then drop a comment here.

Sugar Hill NH as a scenic foliage destination.

Yes I know, Thanksgiving is here and I'm still writing about fall foliage. For me, Autumn is a state of mind and not just a time of year. It is now that I think back over my routes that I've taken and mark down the ones that provided spectacular results and when I was on them, (this is so you don't have to) and I can tell you about them next year.

Believe it or not I didn't always know what Sugar Hill NH was. I had heard folks talk about it but I had never been there. I was traveling up route 93 on a rainy, overcast day a few short years ago and upon pulling off in Lincoln NH, I stopped to fill up my tank and coffee cup (both are equally important to me!)

I, for some reason decided not to do the "Kanc" and maybe it was the siren's call of exploring a different route that led me to head west on route 112 towards Woodstock NH. The road winds through Woodstock and can be a little difficult to follow but paying attention will serve you well. You can also look for Lost River rd. as that is the same as 112. If this route is at full peak it will have you stopping for pictures every 2 minutes but if you can keep that in check for a few miles I have an incredible spot for you.

First stop the Beaver pond lookout.

From the exit off 93 zero out your trip counter and head west. You will travel 6.2 miles where you will arrive at the Beaver Pond pull off. It will be on your left with a parking lot good for 10-15 cars.

A couple shots on the right will show you that early morning light or late afternoon provides some dramatic light. This year I got there at 9:30AM+/- and it didn't really do much for me. (sunny day with blue skies)

After you leave here travel 4.6 miles to route 116 taking the right hand turn. The next 5.4 miles will be very scenic and you will be in the White Mountain National Forest for most of it. Along the way 116 will also become Easton rd and when you hit the 5.4 mile mark there will be a left hand turn onto Sugar Hill rd.

After this you will come to a T intersection where you will make a right and then an immediate left onto Easton road. You will go about 2/3 of a mile to where you have a house on the hill to your right and their barns on the left.

Second stop farm and barns on Easton rd.

There isn't usually much traffic but it does happen so pull off as far as you safely can. Here as you look left across the road, you will see the landscape climb sharply upwards to the top of Bronson Hill. If you time this right your eyes should pop out of your head since this valley is 80+% sugar maples and you can see a couple shots on the right.

Now you may continue or if you have a good map/GPS, you can explore the other two roads Hadley and Toad Hill.

You will see on the map they all end up meeting on route 117 at the sign that you see on the right. You are now in Sugar Hill and if you make a right you will go 1,000' (ft) and have the Sugar Hill Meeting house on your left. You can also click here to view this route where I uploaded it from my GPS with the pictures to boot.

Now I could go on and post lots more pictures and tell you more about what I've found there but my purpose is to whet your appetite to explore this area on your own. There are many shops and B&Bs in this area and if you just look a little farther ahead on the left you will see the famous Polly's Pancake house. So with that, I'll leave you to think about all the maple syrupy goodness you can wrap your gums around.

Even though the fall foliage season is over for 2010, why not stop in at the foliage forum and tell us what you found. I know we would love to hear about your successes this fall foliage season.

Did you know Yankee has a reader's photo gallery for you to upload your fall, or just New England photos to...

Jeff "Foliage" Folger

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