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26 Oct foliage report | Fall Foliage in Merrimack Valley

Fall Foliage runs into Halloween, best of all worlds

by Jeff "Foliage" Folger

Rock wall color
Credit: Jeff Folger

a single maple in yellow standing over an old rock wall in Boxford.

reflection of color
Credit: Jeff Folger

I love the reflection of color on water.

a few colorful maples alongside a wrought iron fence
Credit: Jeff Folger

a few colorful maples alongside a wrought iron fence

Halloween and fall color coincide
Credit: Jeff Folger

Halloween and fall color coincide with this gargoyle and the ash trees behind.

Setting up for Halloween
Credit: Jeff Folger

Lisa and Patrick setting up the graveyard and what home haunt would be complete without a graveyard.

Hurry a vacancy has just opened up for you!
Credit: Jeff Folger

Step right up! A vacancy has just opened up for you!

They're waiting to meet you!
Credit: Jeff Folger

They're waiting to meet you!

Greetings Leaf Peepers Well we had rain most all Saturday but Sunday arrived amid sunny splendor and I was lucky enough to get out and had a reason to drive to my sister's house to set up Halloween decorations.

I have to admit to a bad call last Thursday. When I was asked by the guys at WCAP 980 (Merrimack talk radio) if I thought the Merrimack valley would have any good color left, I said I didn't think so. In most years, by this time, this is true. But the leaves have slowed down so much that I'm still finding good color out on my drives. And with that note:

A Sunday drive: Lisa and I drove up route 1 to 133 towards Georgetown. Then took I-95 south to the next exit and took route 97 for a short distance then jumped off on some side streets towards Boxford. Then made our way to Bradford and picked up route 125 up and then back on 97 to Atkinson NH.

The pictures say it all and the remaining Maples are putting on a glorious display. Also I think due to the amount of rain we had this spring, the oaks in this area are turning a beautiful gold to dark red and in a few cases I've seen a few bright reds... But they are definitely bringing up the rear with a kaleidoscope of color...

Halloween sightings: Lisa and I aided my by nephew Patrick started to set up his yard for this coming weekends event. We (mostly Lisa) spent four hours going into the basement to retrieve the monsters for this year's graveyard and I must admit this should be one of the best Halloween displays to date. We have a circus theme running this year and we'll see if the trick or treaters make it out alive?

Also in related news Winnekenni Castle's grave wandering ghouls are active again this year and for those in the Merrimack valley can stop in and have their nerves tested. From the time you get out of the car (they're waiting in the parking lot for you to arrive) to the castle itself you'll find the undead sneaking up on you... This Friday and Saturday are the final days with Sat evening being a Monster Bash and reservations required.

Michael Myers (From Halloween #1) was seen in Salem's Nightmare Gallery this past Friday and this time he wasn't wearing a mask and leaving bodies in his wake. This time he only left autographs behind. Tony Moran was the first to don the mask back in 1978 and the genre of horror mask wearing, slasher flicks was created. Assuming you missed this like I did, Mr. Moran will be back this coming Friday (30th) from noon to 4PM at the Nightmare Gallery in Salem.

If there is anything you want to discuss, you can always visit the Yankee foliage Facebook fan page.

Halloween is coming and I'm still answering my emails on last minute plans so if you have any questions please feel free to ask them here in the comments section or in the foliage forum or in the Yankee's Foliage Fan page on Facebook and I and the other folks will do their best to answer them.

Please Note: This article was accurate at the time of publication. When planning a trip, please confirm details by directly contacting any company or establishment you intend to visit.

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